Can You Make Money Driving Lyft?

Yea no shit you can make money driving Lyft. How do I know? Because I did it. I spent 2 months as a professional Lyft driver and made hundreds of dollars a week. And it wasn’t even that hard. The approval Read more

How I Cashed in Driving Lyft in Boston

What a time to be alive and make money. We have robo-advisors, peer-to-peer investing, and more. But, the simplest and most known money making technologies are Uber and Lyft. They have revolutionized the public transportation game. Simply download and app, add a Read more

The Paycheck Plunderers – A Paycheck Breakdown

Where did all your money go? Your employeer gave you a paycheck, but it’s alot less then what you thought. They told you that your base pay was $50,000. Shouldn’t you be earning almost $1,000 a week?? Ok, technically it’s $961.54, Read more

The Budgeting Game – How to Make Budgeting Easy

I almost titled this “What the Fucks a Budget” but I figure most of you know what the hell they are. You just hate budgeting. Because budgeting mean that you have a limit. No one likes the idea of someone Read more